35+ years experience

How it started

Once upon a time long long ago, the purchase of a Sinclair ZX81 (1983) initiated programming in Basic. Home studying and a Dutch radio program called Hobbyscoop delivered the first rudimentary programs in Basicode . Buying a real PC with the operating system DOS 3.0 (1985) contributed to knowledge.
During the gradual introduction of PC’s in the working environment (1987) this knowledge contributed to the classification knowledgeable.
Further education and courses resulted in knowledge regarding intra- and internet, OS2, Z/OS and IBM Mainframe.
Changing employment enforced specialisation in MVS, JCL and TSO.
In several Mainframe environments (financial sector / logistics / music industry) transforming business cases into IT solutions was the job description. Business analysis, database design and programming in Adabas / Natural were daily activities. In a later stage project management, outsourcing, porting IBM to Unix and Unix(Bourne) Scripting were added.


From the beginning (1985) knowledge of Microsoft Operating Systems was an absolute must. From DOS 3.0 up untill Windows 10 the pro and cons as well as peculiarities are known.
For many years maintenance, tuning and installations on several hardware platforms were part of the daily routine. In particular, custom installations and solving problems regarding the ( BSoD) has prevented loss of data for many a customer..
We also have a lot of experience in installing and use of all MS Office versions and included programs.


Opensource software can be freely used. This is a big pro for small and medium businesses. Quality wise open source software (if professionally applied) is equal to commercial software. Global communities make safety and modernisation their prime goal. An ideal starting point for realising your wishes. Neys4U has a lot of experience in installing, converting and the adaptation of WordPress and Joomla. Tools off the trade are PHP , MySQL , Jquery , HTML5 , CSS and Bootstrap .