A website is quite common nowadays.
Making a choice between propositions from providers, available options and website builders can be overwhelming.
It’s our recommendation to obtain an independent advice before assigning a website build or adaptation.
It’s our vision that such an advice is based on economy and effectiveness, but above all free choice.
A preliminary (free) assessment can result in elaborate advice, containing all options and estimated costs. Based on this advice you can freely decide how, but more importantly with whom you want to do business.



Realizing or improving your presence on the internet by Neys4U is always done by implementing a project plan.
Contracts with webspace provider, domain registrars and software providers are always in your name.
This will guarantee the possibility to switch contractors on any given time. During the project, the last version will always be present on one of the Neys4U servers. This will allow you to monitor progress on a daily basis. Placing results in a live environment will only be done after detailed testing and your approval. Elaborate documentation will be provided upon delivery. At project ending you will have a SEO friendly and secure website.


Web design mostly feels like a constant battle between realizing graphical wishes and feasible technical possibilities. Graphical design is done in cooperation with Mrs Fineart.
Costs are included in the fixed bid. In line with the latest developments Neys4U favours Responsive Mobile First Design. Twitter Bootstrap is predominantly used to achieve this.
However, in the end it will be you that decides what your presence will look like.



It is essential to keep existing and new websites well maintained. Keeping software up to date is a guarantee for stability, security and speed. Creating backups on a regular basis can prevent reel disaster. Neys4U can perform all your maintenance related tasks for a fixed price.
All tasks will be documented in a SLA.